The Kreator ov SnS Known as FilthGrime who's persona was started in 2009. Acting as a media channel for the shadow-side of the collective unconscious, we take society's ignored, avoided, and hidden fears and put them boldly back in your face as our own brand of Doomsday propaganda. Mainly focused on pasting and painting imagery on public walls, spaces and a few select gallery shows.
Sometimes humorous, often macabre, with a paint brush or spray can, we portray the darker elements of our shadow… along with those even darker elements of the ego. We paint from the perspective of a shadow element—indulging it, glorifying it, and seeing the world through its eyes.

We are always looking for a outlet to showcase paintings or artwork.
Please contact us for mural projects, illustration work, Group shows, Solo shows, Commission work. etc

email: filthgrime@gmail.com